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Xavier Mariani, Co-founder and CEO, AdikteevXavier Mariani, Co-founder and CEO
In recent times, app marketers have undergone a marked transformation in terms of handling their businesses. The global pandemic, concerns on cybersecurity, Identifier for Advertisers (IDFA) collection on retargeting and many more have left a significant dent on the app engagement domain, calling for urgent innovative solutions to overcome these breakdowns. Therefore, companies are constantly on the lookout for proven strategies to drive engagement, increase in-app purchases and reacquire lapsed users. However, on most occasions, strategies are undertaken without sufficient planning, failing to generate desired outcomes which ends up burning a hole in companies’ pockets. Thus, a reliable and an experienced partner that can develop innovative ad campaigns that suit the client’s needs is the need of the hour. Adikteev steps up to the plate with its tailored re-engagement strategies, creative ad algorithms to increase app usage, reacquire lapsed users and protect the user acquisition expenditures. The company conducts deep audits of its client’s app to create a bespoke audience engagement strategy that increases interactions through personalized and playable ads to further optimize the app’s ROI. These effective campaigns are a result of the in-house design team’s ‘out of the box’ mentality that has been fostered by a quality driven work environment.

Adikteev’s campaigns can be targeted towards new, existing/active and lapsed users that would encourage them to re-open the app on a daily basis, increase subscriptions and purchases, and also boost user loyalty. The company’s playable ads display a short preview of the app in an interactive manner that eventually draws the user back to the app through new offers and features exhibited in the ad. Additionally, its Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) enables the design team to develop campaigns at a user level, thereby taking ad personalization to the next stage.

We are the pioneer and the first app-re-engagement partner in the world to provide accurate, transparent and verifiable measures on incrementality, a metric that measures the performance of retargeting ad campaigns

“We are the pioneer and the first app-re-engagement partner in the world to provide accurate, transparent and verifiable measures on incrementality, a metric that measures the performance of retargeting ad campaigns,” says Xavier Mariani, the Co-founder and CEO of Adikteev.

The company’s client-first approach executed since its inception has been a major driving force that has kept Adikteev as one of the leaders in app re-engagement platforms. Even before creating an optimal re-engagement strategy, it conducts a comprehensive pre-launch analysis of the app without any charge. After its completion, the goals, strategies and key performance indicators (KPIs) are finalized and, accordingly, a unique roadmap is created that would either activate, upsell or reacquire users through segmentation and deep links.

Adikteev’s collaboration with an online trading platform stands as a testimony to its abilities in delivering best-in-business retargeting ad campaigns. The client, aiming to increase engagement in its platform and in-app deposits, enlisted Adikteev to assist in creating the strategies. The campaigns developed based on client’s goals and budget resulted in a 24 percent increase in revenue KPIs, higher return on advertising spend (ROAS) and increased in-app deposits.

Further demonstrating the company’s prowess in creating tailored re-engagement solutions is its association with a company specializing in photo printing capabilities from social media. Adikteev’s insights and tailor-made strategies helped the client in providing targeted ads and preventing churn that resulted in 242 percent improvement in revenue and doubling of ROAS.

Based on such success stories, the company is now looking to continue improving its capabilities and provide creative re-engagement strategies to its clients. It is also looking forward to leveraging the current and promising trends to remain ahead of the curve and maintain its position as the leader in the domain.
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Xavier Mariani, Co-founder and CEO

Adikteev provides an app re-engagement platform for performance-driven marketers. The company helps the world’s top-spending app publishers increase retention, reacquire churned users and drive incremental revenue. App publishers in gaming, eCommerce, on-demand, services and entertainment rely on Adikteev to deliver made-to-measure strategies, creatives and algorithms. By combining science and creativity, the company delivers best-in-class playable and interactive ads paired with top retargeting tech. It believes in creating a unique strategy for each client based on data to provide measurable and transparent results that increase user LTV and fuel business growth